Does Your Parent Need In-Home Care Or An Assisted Living Center?

Many elderly people want to stay living in their homes as long as possible, simply because home is what they know, and they feel more comfortable and safer there. The problem is that many seniors begin losing the ability to care for themselves, and this puts them at risk if they stay living alone at home. If your parent is starting to slip a little and needs some help, you could consider hiring an in-home care company for help or moving your parent to assisted living. Here are several things to consider if you are unsure which option to choose.

The Types of Things Your Parent Cannot Do Anymore

As you consider the problems and challenges your parent faces living alone, what are they? Are they primarily basic needs, such as needing help getting dressed or bathing? Is your parent having trouble cooking meals or taking medications? These are all common problem seniors begin facing as they age, and most seniors can stay living at home if these are the types of problems they are having. If the problems are more severe, such as a lack of mobility, then moving to an assisted living facility might be better.

The Level of Loneliness Your Parent Feels

You might not realize that loneliness is not only a common problem with seniors, but it is also something that can have negative effects on a person's health. If you feel that your parent is sad and lonely, it is probably because your parent needs and wants more stimulation and activity, and you could achieve this by moving him or her to an assisted living facility. There, he or she can meet with other people and feel less lonely.

The Amount of Time You Have to Help

One other thing you could consider in this decision is the amount of time you have to help your parent and visit with your parent. If you work full time and do not live close enough to your parent, your time might be limited. In this case, a move to assisted living might be better. If you are available all the time to be with your parent on a daily basis, keeping him or her at home could be the better choice.

This is a big decision to make, and a lot of people will start off with in-home care, simply because it is an easier option for everyone involved. If you would like more information about both options, talk to a senior assisted care center today.

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