Benefits Of Moving To An Assisted Living Facility

An assisted living facility is a form of housing for people with varying medical and personal needs, particularly the old and people living with a disability. The signs that you need to move to an assisted living center include:

  • Deteriorating health that hinders independent living
  • Age-related physical impairments such as hearing and vision loss
  • Safety issues arising from poor house maintenance and cleaning
  • Depression and mental problems

If you're experiencing these indicators, consider getting assisted living services. Here are the pros of assisted living care.

Provides Medical and Supportive Assistance

Most of the older people prefer moving into an assisted living center as the services provide medical services and support. While the facilities promote independence, the caregivers usually help their patients with the following:

  • Mobility assistance
  • Medication management and overall medical care
  • Assistance running errands, including doctor's appointments
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Meal preparation and feeding

The centers also have professionals to help out with household chores such as housekeeping. The centers offer all these services and more while protecting the dignity and privacy of the residents.

Provides Safety and Security

When seniors live independently, this risks their safety. For instance, changing light bulbs or cleaning slippery floors can increase slip and fall injury risks. Also, memory deteriorates with age, and a senior may easily forget to put on the alarm system, increasing the risks of burglary.

Fortunately, assisted living facilities ensure the security and safety of residents by providing 24-hour supervision and assistance. For instance, the centers provide professionals for home maintenance and assisted living devices such as wheelchairs for those with mobility issues. Additionally, video surveillance or call monitoring services are available.

Creates Extra Time for Recreation and Hobbies

Since the residents in assisted living centers don't have children to look after or jobs, they have a lot of free time. The centers ensure that the residents use the extra time to undertake their hobbies or relax. The centers usually house people with different interests and may provide activities such as:

  • Friendly games like bingo and cards
  • Field trips for sightseeing
  • Workout regimes like yoga
  • Musical activities
  • Book clubs

These activities keep the residents engaged while promoting the mental, physical and social well-being of the residents. Also, the activities build the self-esteem of residents and improve their quality of life.

An assisted living facility provides medical and supportive assistance, safety, and security and creates extra time for hobbies and recreation. Consider assisted living services to enjoy these benefits. 

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